Mail Fraud Document

iPhone Fiance International Shipping Scam

Federal mail fraud is one of the most common federally charged crimes. It is widely applicable to anyone trying to commit fraud using the federal mail service, email, UPS, FedEx or money wire transfer. Scammers located overseas don’t care. They are mostly untouchable.

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USPS Package Shipping

USPS 2019 Package Shipping Price Increase

Most everyone knows that the US Post Office every year updates their pricing for stamps, first class mail, priority mail and a whole barrage of other products sold at your local Post Office and Mail Store. This year another change was made to setup larger price increases this June and further into the future.

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Amazon Returns Best No Printer Option

So, you have received the wrong size sweater for Christmas this year? The shoes won't fit? Or you simply found the same item cheaper elsewhere? will be glad to take your returns and refund your purchase but here is what you need to know about the “No Printer. No Problem” option that can make sending that package back a major hassle.

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USPS Lost Package

USPS Tracking – Lost Parcels

There have been instances of lost or missing parcels being recorded as delivered by the USPS, which is not a violation of the Universal Service Obligation and occurs more often that it should. By not violating the USPS Universal Service Obligation the US Post Office is allowed to claim delivery of a package even though they can not say for certain that it was delivered to the intended address.

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