USPS 2019 Package Shipping Price Increase

USPS Package Shipping

Prices are going up 16% on June 23rd.

This isn't just the annual increase.
   Most everyone knows that the US Post Office every year updates their pricing for stamps, first class mail, priority mail and a whole barrage of other products sold at your local Post Office and Mail Store. This year another change was made to setup larger price increases this June and further into the future.

Dimensional Weights and Shipping Distance
   If you aren’t familiar with DIM weight pricing or zone pricing here is a quick refresher. DIM weight pricing increases the cost of shipping a package to a heavier weight based on its size. A 1lb package can cost as much as a 20lb package if the size of the box is big enough, even more theoretically. Zone pricing increases the cost of packages traveling long distances. A stamp for example will ship a letter anywhere in the United States while a parcel subject to zone pricing would have as many as 9 different prices depending on where you are shipping the package from and to which zip code.

Dimensional Weight Calculation Image

Increases Start June 23rd
   On June 23 the post office will decrease the DIM weight divisor to 166 from 194. Effectively making your larger, light weight packages 17% more expensive to ship. The change effects Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and Parcel Select. Flat Rate shipping prices and shipping for parcels under 16 ounces will remain unaffected.

Compare the Carriers and Save
While USPS will be reducing their DIM Weight divisor to 166 it is important to note that FedEx and UPS continue to keep their divisors at 139, a 19% premium over USPS.

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