Package Receiving Service

Never Miss a Delivery Again

We all order packages online but hate that “1 delivery attempt remaining” note on our doors to pick up what we ordered online with 2-day shipping only to play catch me if you can with the delivery driver. If only there were a way to have someone always there to sign for and accept your packages for you…

Stay Connected Away from Home

Whether staying in Arizona for the winter, traveling to South America for a month, or heading home for the summer you can have your packages waiting when you return and with our package forwarding service we can send your parcels to you anywhere in the world with just a phone call or email.

Never Change Your Shipping Address Again

For students and people who live in appartments, our package receiving services will allow you to keep your same shipping address in your, Target or Zappos regardless of where you physically live or move to while still being able to access your packages conveniently at your own schedule.

One Solution, Any Carrier.

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Feature Comparison

Post Office Box The Other GuysPackage ReceivingHome Delivery
Secure 24 Hr Access
Never Miss a Package Delivery
Sign for Packages
Move and Keep Address
Email/Text Notification for Packages
Flexible Parcel Forwarding
Receive US Mail Packages
Receive UPS Packages
Receive FedEx Packages
Receive DHL Packages

Select a Store for Mailbox Sizes, Pricing and Availability:

fairhaven post and parcel store

Fairhaven Post And Parcel

(South Bellingham)

Located in Historic Downtown Fairhaven and established in 1991, our store is Bellingham’s premier mailbox rental location. With secured 24 hr access, a private parking lot and a host of extras compared to a standard PO Box, if you live, eat, or work in Fairhaven or just want an excuse to regularly visit this beautiful part of Bellingham, Fairhaven Post and Parcel is the perfect place for you.

cordata post and parcel

Cordata Post And Parcel

(North Bellingham)

Next to Bellis Fair, the Guide Meridian and I-5 you couldn’t ask for a more centrally located or convenient place to receive your mail and packages.